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Legend has it, that the birth of the Juan De Fuca Gun Club was a culmination of events in the shooting sports scene in Victoria in the early 1960’s that was dominated at the time, buy the Victoria Fish and Game Club. At that time, there was a perception of an iron fisted clique that was in a close relationship with one of the major sporting goods suppliers in Victoria at the time.
The story goes, that resentment grew and helped nurture the growth of new sporting goods stores in the region and eventually, the founding of the JDFGC in 1963 by a group, who at the time, were considered “rebels”, either by themselves or by outsiders. The club has run continuously at the location it is at today, and has grown exponentially, especially in the last 5 years.
Due to this growth and the support of membership dues, we have been able to make substantial improvement in recent years.
Located on the beautiful West Coast of Vancouver Island, we boast an 80m, 130m and 220m multi-use outdoor range with covered shooting tables, as well as a 25m pistol and .22 cal. range with shooting shack and shooting benches.
Facilities also now include environmentally friendly bullet traps on the multi-purpose range.
The JDGC is now home to over 500 shooting sport and hunting enthusiast from across the region.

JDFGC, PO Box 37057
Millstream PO, Victoria, BC
V9B 0E8

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